Dinkenor brings the team together

Paul Dinkenor has replaced Chip Stone as the men’s varsity soccer coach for the 2011-12 school year.

When asked about the difference between coaches, the most noted distinction by teammates is Dinkenor’s enthusiasm.

“He loves coaching,” said Sam Griffin, junior. “And he’s serious about soccer.”  Dinkenor’s drive for coaching is apparent at practices and games. Practices usually consist of lots of running, drills and team talks.

“There’s good chemistry between the players,” said Daniel Cipriano, senior. The companionship on the team was another thing most noted by teammates. As the season has progressed, the boys have discovered a feel for each other’s strengths and weaknesses on the field.

In games, Dinkenor knows how to utilize players’ strengths and adjust their positions to counteract their opponents. When asked about the strengths of the team, offense stood out the most, but at games defense also keeps up their end particularly well.

“The formation is different from Coach Stone’s,” said Branco Theis, senior. “We normally have two forwards instead of three. But if we’re losing a game, [Dinkenor] will move another person up to forward.”

“He’s brought us together by making us get to know one another,” said Griffin. “He tells us before games that we can win if we work together.” The team’s camaraderie is seen on and off the field: they help and talk to each other in games, and discuss opponents’ tactics on the bench.

“Our goals for this year are to go to Conference and State Championships, and to beat Green Hope.” said Cipriano. “Plus we all have our own personal goals that Coach Dink said we’re not supposed to talk about.”

The game against Green Hope was cancelled due to weather conditions on Monday, Aug. 29. The team holds a record of 5-1-1.


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