A bright year ahead for Gay Straight Alliance

Photo courtesy of GSA website
Photo courtesy of GSA website

On Tuesday Sept. 6, Leesville’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held its first meeting for the upcoming school year. The meeting consisted of get to know you games and covered the club’s plans for this year.

GSA strives to be a place for LHS students to be themselves. This club creates a judgement free atmosphere at their meetings for its members. According to the national GSA website, GSA helps to promote, “sexual orientation education, and equality.”

Cassie Pinter, president, said, “GSA plans to be a social club. We plan on having fun and being an accepting place to anyone. When asked what the club wants to achieve this year Pinter said, “We’re planning on making a staff video, about dealing with kids who are gay or transgender.”

GSA plans to make a video about accepting gay and transgender teens. The video’s purpose will be to teach LHS staff members about how to respect gay teens’ situations.

Most of the club’s meetings are used to socialize and play games.

Jessica Matthis, active club participant, adds, “We just want to establish a place where people can be involved regardless of sexual orientation. A place to come and be themselves and not worry about judgement.”

Most members’ involvement in the club is based off of personal beliefs and values.

“I believe in tolerance of a lot of things. I’ve had really close friends come out to me, and it feels good to be involved in peoples’ lives, even if it’s as little as being in a club,” said Matthis.

Pinter has been involved in GSA since her freshman year. “It’s a topic I really cared about. I went to the first meeting my freshman year, and look where I am [now].”

GSA has a  promising year ahead of them. Matthis said, “I’m really excited for this year. I don’t think our club has ever been this big!”


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