Political club encourages students to debate respectfully

On September 6, 2011, Leesville’s political club held their first meeting to discuss plans for the year and organize upcoming events.

Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, Leesville’s political club looks to improve from last year and diversify activities. The goal of political club is to, “keep people informed,” said Elena Mulligan, the club’s publicity officer.

Political club also organizes a couple of very special events. “We have a lot planned for the upcoming year,” said Kelley Nusbaum, the club’s teacher advisor. “We have a blood drive coming up, a voter registration event, and we are also creating our float for homecoming.” Voter registration is actually required by Wake County Public School System policy.

There are many new officers in political club this year. Lauren Paige Aiken, senior and the club’s president, said, “Last year I saw some things that needed to be changed. Also, I love politics and I love being a leader.”

Kaighn Kevlin, senior and vice president, feels that this year is more of a collective effort when it comes to managing and organizing the club. “We all basically do the same thing [plan events].” Political club’s focus is to have fun.

Aiken is also trying to organize guest speakers for the 2011-2012 school year. “We are trying to get someone from the General Assembly,” said Aiken.

Order in meetings is another focus for the upcoming year. In an average meeting this year, there is a topic introduced and then the room splits and the debate begins.

Many people would assume that hostility is present during a heated political debate. “Although during the debate, there is definitely passionate discussion, afterwards everyone is pretty chill,” said Nusbaum.

Overall the theme of political club is a positive environment for thoughtful debate.



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