A plethora of candidates

Photo courtesy of Griffin Morehead
Photo courtesy of Griffin Morehead

Descending the main staircase, one cannot help but notice the sheer number of posters amassed on the wall opposite, and laying on the floor.  They were advertising for the Freshman Council Elections Sept. 6.

The number of candidates this year outnumbers those in years past. For example, last year there were only five candidates, but there were nine this year.

This was the only opportunity for freshman to vote for their representatives, so the choice must be one they can live with.  According to an anonymous freshman, it is important to vote “so your representative doesn’t suck.”  This opinion contradicts sharply with another another freshman’s who thought that voting is “useless”, and the council “does nothing.”

After so many anonymous interviews, Max Gordon, another freshman, spoke up.  “Voting is not important.  I only voted because I was bored during lunch.”  When asked whether he had any opinions about what the council should do once voted in, Gordon said, “If I had any ideas for that, I would be running [for the council].”

All of the interviewees agreed that whomever they will vote for must be “responsible,” as none of them want someone lazy and irresponsible who will not work to improve the school.

Fear not students, as the winner of the freshman rep position was Hannah Dorman, who will not let the school fail.


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