The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe auditions

Photo courtesy of Hailey Stephenson
Photo courtesy of Hailey Stephenson

September 7 marked the first audition for Leesville Road High School’s 2011-2012 production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Maggie Young, senior, was excited to audition for the part of the white witch. “I was so nervous before I got up there,” Young said, “but once I was on stage, the adrenaline kicked in and it wasn’t so bad.”

Although she was nervous, she described how “everybody was so supportive” and “everyone encouraged each other.” The support of others helped her be confident in her audition.

She went on to explain the process of the audition. “Basically, we went in, and they called people up to read different parts. Then we would sit and watch other groups go up and read their lines.”

Young, not experienced in theater, was worried that she had less of an advantage because she did not know Ms. Catania, the play’s director, like the other students did. At first she was concerned that picking favorites would lessen her chances of landing the part, but she now knows that is not the case.

Not auditioning for any particular part, Cassie Seale, junior, climbed on stage and tried her best.

“I wasn’t very nervous for the audition,” Seale said. Pounded with school work from all of her classes, she said she “didn’t have time to be nervous.”

Seale remained involved with theater since her freshman year when she did make-up for the spring musical.

Keeping her fingers crossed, Seale believed that her audition went well. “I wasn’t super sure, but all of my friends who were there told me I did a good job,” she said.

Ms. Catania said, “The auditions went really well. I saw a really good group of kids.” She expects a “fun show” that “everyone, cast and crew, will enjoy.”

Anxiously waiting for Friday’s release of the callbacks, both Young and Seale stayed hopeful and optimistic about the outcome.

After much anticipation, Seale’s name appeared on the callback list conveniently posted on the doors of the auditorium on September 9.


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