Leesville creates memorial for Mr. Murphy


A committee is forming to create a memorial for Mr. Murphy, Leesville’s first principal. Murphy died on March 19, 2011, after a lengthy battle with cancer.  

The memorial is a fantastic way to remember a great man “with such a presence and a zest for life,” as quoted from a comment by Paul Dinkenor on Murphy’s obituary.

The memorial is being combined with the senior gift from the senior class of 2011. The senior gift will be a sign will be somewhere along the way into the student parking lot, and it will resemble the “Marshall Hamilton Stadium” sign.

“It should say something like ‘Welcome to the Leesville Road High School Parking Lot,’ but there will also be Mr. Murphy’s favorite quote: begin with the end in mind,” said Jodi Amerson, advisor to the senior class.

When Coach Marshall Hamilton, Leesville’s athletic director, passed away also after a long battle with cancer, the athletic field was named after him to honor his time at Leesville.

Ann Hamilton, Coach Hamilton’s wife, was adamant about the necessity for a memorial for Mr. Murphy.     

“It’s bittersweet [seeing the Marshall Hamilton stadium], but we’re very proud. We know the time and energy and commitment he had to Leesville. Mr. Murphy is just as deserving as my husband was, so I think it is a great idea to have something to honor him here at Leesville,” concluded Mrs. Murphy.


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