Intermediate chorus travels to Busch Gardens


Every year, the Intermediate Chorale group takes their annual trip to Busch Gardens to compete in a competition among high school choruses. This past weekend, on their day trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, Pride did a great job with their performance.

Leaving at 7:30 a.m., the Intermediate group prepared to sing two songs that were selected for competition. Led by Mrs. Diane Covington, they sang “Jenny Rebecca” and “Praise to the Lord” by Dissler.

These songs varied in tempo and tone. The first song, by Dissler, is very upbeat. The second, however, was a soothing lullaby that began with “Jenny Rebecca, four days old . How do you like the world so far?”.

Intermediate Chorus performed these two songs at Berkeley Middle School in front of three judges and a number of chaperones that wanted to see the performance. The contrast between the two songs really impressed the judges. The entire performance lasted about ten minutes.

After singing, the group went to Busch Gardens theme park for the remainder of the day and for the awards ceremony. “Being at the park was a lot of fun,” said Danyelle Owens, a sophomore in Intermediate Chorus. “I rode a few rides and overall just had a really good day at the park.”

At Royal Palace Ampitheatre in the park, around 5PM, there was an awards ceremony for the competition. Each group could get a rating of poor, fair, good, excellent, or superior. Leesville Road’s Intermediate Chorale won 1st place superior for their performance in front of the judges. This is the highest award that a choral group can receive.

“I am so proud of all of them,” said Mrs. Covington, referring to her class. “Our group got the highest scores of the day, which is really exciting. I knew they could do it.”

Along with this award, they also won the “Esprit De Corps” award. This literally means a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group. The judges noticed the discipline of the Intermediate Chorale and rewarded them for it. They also won an award for being the best all-around high school chorus.

Overall , the Intermediate group had a very successful day. They represented the school well and showed the talent that we have here at Leesville.


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