Leesville students selected for Governor’s School

Three Leesville students were selected to attend the Governor’s School of North Carolina for the 2011 summer session. 

Michael Elderkin and Brooks Jordan will attend Governor’s School West at Old Salem college.  Gene Kim will attend Governor’s School East at Meredith College.

Elderkin will attend for bassoon, Jordan for vocal music and Kim for art.

It is an extreme honor to be selected to attend Governor’s school.  According to the Governor’s School of North Carolina’s website, “The nomination process has multiple steps at the school and district levels.”

For art, music and theatre, auditions were required.

Gene Kim said, “I got to take three of my best artworks in front of a judge in a private room and talk to him about it. Then after a month or so, I got a letter that said I made it. In early February, there was the state audition, which was the second and final stage.”

Jordan recalls the long process to securing his place at Governor’s School.

“At the beginning of the year, they start you out with a simple form to fill out. Then you move into writing essays and proving your ‘worth’ to their program. Finally they test you in your indicated area of expertise by having an audition, or further essays or just a final hurdle in general that puts your abilities to the test. For voice nominees, we needed to prepare a song for an audition and sight read a piece.”

In the past, Governor’s School was funded by the state.  However funding for the 2011 session is in question, as well as in the future.

“Mrs. Busby said they’re thinking about cutting the whole program altogether for next year, so if that’s the case I feel  extremely lucky in making it one year ahead,” said Kim.  “That being said, they’re also thinking about making the students pay full tuition this year. It hasn’t be confirmed 100% yet, but there is a possibility.”

Despite the possibility of a student-funded Governor’s School, Leesville’s attendees are still excited.

“I’m looking forward to six weeks of constant art exposure with advanced artists my age…we watch and learn from one another.”

“I’m looking forward to the distinct curriculum and change in academic focus, as well as the freedom of governor’s school,” said Jordan.


  1. Note: Emily Farmer is also attending in instrumental music and Helen Meskhidze will attend in French.


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