Insidious: a breath of fresh air (in the world of scary movies)

Photo courtesy of Movie Review Database.
Photo courtesy of Movie Review Database.

Imagine this: you’re in a house, at night. You hear a knock, go downstairs, and see no one. You turn on the alarm system and go back up the stairs, and all of a sudden you hear a high pitched noise from downstairs. Its the alarm. As you come down the stairs, you see the door completely ajar. Someone, or something, is in the house. 

This is just one of the many frightful and suspenseful scenes in the movie “Insidious”. With writers from both Paranormal Activity and Saw this horror movie keeps viewers hearts pounding from beginning to end.

In this day and time, it seems very hard to make scary movies original. They are all repetitive or have seemingly similar storylines. Insidious, however, has a very original, hit-or-miss plotline: some will love it, and others won’t.

This movie begins with a family moving into a large, new house in a new town. After a seemingly harmless accident, one of the sons slips into a mysterious coma for several months. After this, the family falls victim to many unexplained visions and sounds around the house. Thinking that the house is haunted, the wife asks to move to a new house. After they move, however, is when they realize that it is the boy that’s haunted and not the house.

The mother, played by actress Rose Byrne, falls victim to many scary visions, such as seeing a ‘boy’ with a masked face and a creature with a red face and yellow eyes. Byrne does a great job playing the terrified and needy stay-at-home mom and is very convincing onscreen.

Her husband, played by Patrick Wilson, is a loving but somewhat oblivious man. He does a great job portraying the fear of the unknown and will do anything for his family.

This movie goes for a more spiritual kind of horror. Even without any blood and gore, it has still been considered one of he best scary movies since Paranormal Activity. No, this movie is not rated R, but it even scared the most fearless moviegoers. Never have I been to a theater where people were actually screaming or jumping out of their seats, so this was certainly a first for me.

A sense of dread is present throughout this whole movie, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats waiting for what will happen next. Although the movie itself was good, there has been criticism about the ending. In my opinion, the ending is what helps to tie this movie together; however, to find out what happens you have to go and see the actual movie.

I definitely recommend this movie for others to see . Some may think it isn’t scary, or others (such as my friends) may try to convince themselves afterwards that it wasn’t. To me, this is the best $9.50 I have spent on a movie in a long while. The complex plot and unexpected turns keep your attention and get you thinking. Overall, if you love scary movies and are in the mood to be entertained, I suggest seeing Insidious.


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