Cubs choir: the life, the legend, the legacy

At Leesville Road Elementary School, few things were available to set students above the norm.

While many children were watching cartoons, trading Pokemon cards, or simply passing the days away in the woods, a select cadre of youth were coming to school early and occasionally leaving late to practice singing varieties of songs – from African folk music to Christmas tunes.

These children were filling the halls of school with angelic voices that soothed the soul like a warm bath on a winter morning.

These children were members of Cubs Choir.

“Cubs Choir changed my life. It started my love for music; it was very important,” said Morgan Burke, a senior who partook in the group during the fifth grade.

Burke admits that Cubs Choir was the start of her path to choral greatness, as she is now in the high school’s Capital Pride.

“If you were in the choir, you were cool,” she added.

Alex Lawrence, senior, was a member of Cubs Choir for both his fourth and fifth grade years, and he too clearly recalled the glory days.

“I joined because I loved the teacher and wanted to score points with the older ladies in the class.”

However for Lawrence, the class also taught him deeper lessons.

“[Cubs Choir] made me a more outgoing person; it also taught me that being out there is okay. Life isn’t all about what other people think of you,” he said.

Not all students were able to be a part of Cubs Choir, and this was a very bitter point in their lives.

Kristi Stout and Robert Granecki, seniors, attended Hilburn Elementary School instead.

“Our choir didn’t have a name, and we only sang for shows. Leesville filled me with hatred; I was very jealous,” said Stout

“The only cool thing I got to do was dress up as a grape, but Leesville did all sorts of cool things. It made me so mad. I just wanted to tag their music room; that would’ve shown them.” Granecki added.

Parents also offered insight into the Choir:

“Cubs Choir was a wonderful experience for all the children involved. The teacher was fantastic, and it helped them all become more outgoing and personable,” said Valerie Bennett, mom.

Cubs Choir was indeed an organization to be envious of. The group held two chorus concerts a year, and every student involved received a unique T-shirt to commemorate their involvement.

No matter how students’ singing careers turned out, it is clear that Cubs Choir was a memorable experience that taught valuable life lessons that will not soon be forgotten.

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Will Bennett is a remarkable staff writer who was recruited from his early days. In fact, before Bennett could even speak, the Mycenaean took serious interest in him. While many consider this practice to be unethical, the Leesville editors disagree. Alex Stewart claims that his contributions to the staff have been "Pullitzer Prize" worthy. In addition to his writing, Bennett enjoys animals, Freshberry Frozen Yogurt, Hip-hop music, and long walks on the beach. He can often be found on his seaside estate composing original music, writing moving poetry, and balling with old basketball greats like Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.


  1. How inspiring to know that Cubs Choir continues to be an experience that shapes the individual. I know how much the choir gives back to me. I love watching the magic happen when I teach. The unexpected joy returns as you grow into young adults and drop by to share a memory.Cubs choir is a gift to a long line of music teachers who have had the opportunity to pass through Leesville. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the harmony for the past seven years!
    Ellen Benfield
    Cubs Choir
    Leesville Elementary

  2. I love to hear the children sing in the morning then and now. Cubs Choir is still going strong and it is wonderful for all the children. So sorry Hilburn:(


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