Capital Pride to perform at General Assembly

Just when they thought their year couldn’t get any better, Leesville’s advanced vocal ensemble, Capital Pride, was offered yet another opportunity to perform. On Thursday, May 12, Capital Pride will be singing at the North Carolina General Assembly. 

The main purpose of Capital Pride performing at the General Assembly is to hopefully gain more support for art departments across the county.

“It’s so exciting,” said Danielle Wilber, senior. “We’ve just had such amazing opportunities! I just didn’t think we would be doing anything else this year, and then all of the sudden we get this amazing invitation!”

Capital Pride also performed at the Governor’s mansion, Carolina Country Club, and received a perfect score at District Festival.

“It will be really great to sing at the General Assembly, because they are the law makers that can either make or break our Arts department—or the Arts all together for that matter,” said Lauren Beiber, senior.

For Capital Pride, the invitation is the perfect way to polish off the end of the year.

“We’ve made so many memories together, and I know that I’ll take this experience with me as I go to college next year,” said Wilber.


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