Prom proposals vary at Leesville

There’s a new kind of march madness circulating throughout Leesville, and I’m not talking about basketball. 

Every year upperclassmen boys compete to see who can come up with the most creative way to ask their dates to Prom.

Kiley Blades, senior, used his passion for photography and art to ask Kristi Stout, senior, to be his date.

To get Stout alone, Blades lead her to a pond about twenty minutes out of town so that he could “take some pictures.”

When the couple arrived, Blades had artistically spray-painted “Prom?” on a concrete wall that stood in the middle of the water.

“Visually, it was stunning, and I was shocked,” said Stout.

While some boys ask girls to Prom in a more intimate manner, like Blades, others like to put on a show.

For Grant Do, senior, bigger is better. “When I do something, I want it to be huge and public. I like to make things special for my date.”

This year, when asking Cyerra Walk, senior, to Prom, Do went all out.

“I wanted it to be big and public of course, so I made this huge banner to hang in the Leesville intersection that said, ‘Cyerra. Prom?’”

“I even had an order of a dozen balloons, which I shoved into my car,” he said.

Unfortunately, big ideas make plenty of room for disaster. While Do figured that he had a seamless plan, he failed to check out the weather report.

“I didn’t realize how windy it was going to be that day, but the wind came in and breaking my heart and tearing down my sign.  I was devastated.”

To make up for what he calls his “Prom fiasco,” Do taped the ripped sign together and hung it in his room. He then made a video to Walk apologizing for the conundrum and finally asked her to be his date.

“I also edited it with fun music and cool effects,” said Do. After making the video, Do posted it on Facebook, tagging Walk’s name to the caption.

“It all worked out in the end,” said Do.

While some big ideas do not completely pan out, others go according to plan.

Bilo Hoese, senior, asked Cassi Pinter, junior, to Prom in a huge way.

“I arrived to school, and there were tons of people cheering and making all of this commotion,” said Pinter.

“As I walked into the front lobby, Bilo had lined everybody up with all of these signs asking me to Prom. Then, at the end, Bilo was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. It was really embarrassing, but I smiled like an idiot for the rest of the day,” she said.

Overall, Prom is really more about the event itself rather than the proposal.

“Prom proposals are a great gesture, but I really am more excited about prom itself more than anything else,” said Stout.


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