New club for car fanatics at Leesville

Car enthusiasts here at Leesville started a club for people who like to discuss cars and learn more about them. Car Club, led by Patrick Tighe, meets every other Thursday in Mrs. Fausch’s room after school. They discuss topics such as engines, races, and different brands of cars. Sometimes, mini-models of cars are brought in to meetings. 

Friends Patrick Tighe and Rafael Esteller, both freshman, started this club in early February. They began the club simply because they are really interested in cars, and thought that there should be a club for others who share the same interests. In order to establish the club, they had to find  a group of people with the same interests.

“We had to fill out a few forms and talk to Mr. Duval to get the club started,” said Rafael Esteller.

The students in this club sometimes take trips to places such as Virginia International Raceway and Rush Hour Karting to see the types of cars there. It’s a really good opportunity for most members in the club to see a variety of cars.Each student pays their own share to go on these trips.

“It’s a very student-centered club,” says Mrs. Fauch, the advisor. “They make the agenda and run their own meetings. In fact, I don’t know much about cars, so I even learn a little from them.”

Members may bring in models or pictures of cars to share with the group. If a member has a topic they would like to discuss, they are allowed to run one of the meetings of the club.

“We discuss car repairs and how to maintain your vehicle,” says Tighe. “I work at a body shop, so this is an easy subject to teach to the other members of the club.”

Anyone is welcome to join, no matter the level of experience with cars they have. If interested in joining, stop by Mrs. Fauch’s room (room 224) or contact Patrick Tighe.


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