Super Bowl snacks


On February 6, sports fans alike will gather to watch the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers face off in Super Bowl XLV. Whether you and your friends gather at a sports bar or someone’s crowded living room, there are two important parts to this sport spectacle of the year: the game and the food.

We’ve all seen the car commercial on TV: A man and woman driving carefully over speed bumps and gingerly carrying a gigantic covered dish into a house filled with people. When the cover is taken off, it reveals a miniature Super Bowl – the stands filled with pretzels, ham and cheese cubes, and more.

While unfortunately not all Super Bowl snacks can be this fun, all can be that delicious.

There are a few standard fall backs – wings, dip, pizza, beer. But a few other courses and snacks decorate coffee tables alongside the Super Bowl classics.

Crockpot Beer Cheese Dip” is an oddity, the ingredients of which are Tabasco sauce, beer, and something called a “process cheese spread loaf.” I can’t imagine celery or other veggies would compliment the condiment; tortilla chips could provide a satisfactory vessel for cheese dip transfer.

Some sports fans are not as anxious as others to stuff themselves with thousands of calories while glorifying the athleticism of others and are forced to munch on the obligatory veggie platter. “Black Bean Tortilla Pinwheels” give healthy eaters a chance for snack variety without sacrificing a diet or vegetarianism.

Papa John’s, the “official pizza of the NFL,” is offering a free large pizza to every person in America who is registered at the Papa John’s website “Papa Points” if this year’s Super Bowl goes into overtime.

Not to be forgotten are the Super Bowl desserts. Grocery stores can provide some of the store-bought fun, with football-shaped brownies and team logo cookies. For baking at home, there are quick recipes for football or stadium shaped cakes.

Whether you root for the Steelers or the Packers (GO PACKERS!), here’s hoping that your 2011 Super Bowl party is a big enough hit that it won’t leave you eating Crockpot Beer Cheese Dip for the next two months.



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