New Years’ resolutions


With the holiday break coming up, Leesville students are beginning to think about their New Years resolutions.

Some people vow to do extraordinary things like getting accepted into an Ivy League college. Others are just trying to quit cursing or popping their gum.

Mackenzie Robinson, sophomore, makes the same resolution almost every year. “I just try to stay optimistic and maintain happiness every year.”

Robinson “takes resolutions very seriously,” and uses a dry-erase marker to write inspirational things on her bathroom mirror, reminding her to stay positive.

“I do it so that the first thing I see in the morning is something optimistic, something happy,” said Robinson. Reflecting on the success of the same resolution this year, Robinson had mixed feelings. “At times I failed, coming to school with a bad attitude, being grumpy in the mornings, and treating my friends poorly at times.”

“Even though I failed my goals sometimes, I didn’t fail completely,” said Robinson—optimistically.

While some students, like Robinson, take New Years resolutions to heart, other students do not bother to make them at all.

Davis Plunkett, senior, does not see the point in making resolutions. “Why bother making promises to yourself that you know you won’t be able to keep?” he said.

Plunkett fails to remember resolutions made in the past. “I’m sure I probably made a resolution to go to the gym or something, but I don’t even remember my New Years goals.”

For Plunkett, like many Leesville students, the new year is only a mark on the calendar. “If I want to make a change, I do it when I need to do it. I don’t just wait until January,” he said.


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