Holiday spirit envelops, embraces, incapacitates, stuns, petrifies, overwhelms Leesville


As December comes to an end as it does every year, the Great Yuletide embraced the Leesville Road students and staff.

Walking through the halls, it is not uncommon to see students clad in heavy coats, gloves, long-johns, and even the occasional “holiday cap.”

Many students spend their holidays in a unique manner, in fact, Jessica Rea, junior, celebrates it multiple times.

“I celebrate Christmas twice every year with different sides of the family. My mom and Grandma cook a lot of food, my favorite is the baked ham.”

Not all students have a holiday season as busy as Rea’s.

James Brady, sophomore, uses his holiday break as a time to relax. “Every Christmas Eve my family goes to my Grandmother’s just to chill. Sometimes we go to the beach or the mountains to get a break.”

Of course, in a school as diverse as Leesville, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Alec Seigle, senior, celebrates Hanukkah.

“For eight days I light the menorah with my family. We eat latkes, which are fried, ground-up potatoes, and lots of apple sauce.”

One thing that most students have in common is that they enjoy getting presents.

“My favorite present I’ve ever gotten was an iPod,” Seigle added.

Some students received more lavish presents, “I got a Toyota Camry one year. I named it Rodeo Paco. He’s a cutie,” said Rea.

Not only students support the holiday season. Jo Ellen Newhouse, administrator, shares the experience with her family.

“I have my family over to my house on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we go over to my sister’s. In the morning we all eat breakfast casserole and drink mimosas,” said Newhouse.

No matter what faith students are, no matter what beliefs they carry, it is clear that the holiday season brings students and staff together, and that they are all eagerly anticipating the Winter break.

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