The Bucket List #3: Pride Productions


The lights dimmed, the curtains opened, a hush fell upon a packed audience.  A spotlight shone on the set, a 1940s living room.  A frantic-looking maid named Edith, played by Erika Martin, senior, entered.  

The crowd stared on for the next two and a half hours in awe.

For Loonies with a knack for the arts, participating in a play or being on a tech crew brings  enjoyment.

“Someone should join tech crew because they become part of something bigger than who they are.  They are accepted for who they are and everyone is one big, happy family.  What’s not to like about it?  Tech crews help you make new friends and get closer to your old ones,” said Henry Nguyen, sophomore on sound and set construction crew.

“Acting gives you a chance to break out of your shell.  I’m a really shy person so I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities that I had,” said Martin.

Karley St. Pierre, senior, said, “Through acting, you can meet new people and learn a lot about the people around you.  It makes you more comfortable with yourself and in front of others.”

For other Loonies who are less artsy or who would prefer to just see the finished product, such as myself, watching a play brings equal entertainment.

“I really enjoyed watching the play.  It was really cool to see the outcome of all the work and effort that the actors and tech crews put into making such a great production,” said Melissa Smith, sophomore.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  The acting was believable, there was much humor, and the special-effects were flawless.

There are many artistic students at Leesville, and they take much pride in their talents.  Those with these skills should use them in performance or helping out the behind-the-scenes.

As their fellow Loonies, we should take the time to support them and watch the production that results from all of their hard work.  

High school is a time for teenagers to find an outlet for self-expression.  Many of them take a theatrical approach.  Being a part of something bigger than themselves, helps Loonies show their true school pride and thus should be completed/enjoyed before graduation.


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