Tar Heels athletics struggle


The bigger they are, the harder they fall. For basketball juggernaut North Carolina, that adage could never be more true.

After stumbling twice in three days, the reeling number-eight team in the country was left searching for answers.

After last season’s 17-loss debacle, this version of the Heels was supposed to pave the way back to another deep NCAA tournament led by media-anointed freshman deity Harrison Barnes.

After a 19-point performance against the Hofstra Pride, he appeared as good as advertised. However, Barnes has not recorded a bucket since then.

Unless the “Disaster in Puerto Rico” ends up being an anomaly in Carolina’s season, things do not bode well.

After consecutive losses to both Minnesota and Vanderbilt, the Tar Heels likely played themselves out of the top 25 rankings, confirming the clamor of “Overrated” cheers hurled at the players by Vanderbilt fans.

The failure is entirely inexplicable. Carolina managed to earn one of the top five recruiting classes in the nation, yet they still cannot win what should be easy ballgames.

This failure has led many to question the coaching abilities of Hall of Fame coach and two-time national champion Roy Williams.

The recent hard times in athletics are not limited to the basketball court. After blowing yet another fourth quarter lead to arch-rival NC State, the Heels dropped their fifth football game of the season, and their fourth in a row in the storied rivalry.

Assuming Carolina can knock off Duke, they would finish the season 7-5, which is not exactly terrible. But for a team expected to contend for the ACC title and possibly become a dark-horse national championship contender, these results are sub-par.

In spite of all this, loyal Carolina fans flock to the field to support their athletics teams that they pray will one day make a triumphant return to greatness.

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