Fro yo at Yo Mo


In mid-November, a new frozen yogurt location, Yogurt Mountain, opened in Raleigh on Creedmoor road next to Five Guys.

I’m a huge fan of frozen yogurt–I possess frequent buyer cards at both Freshberry and Yogenfruzz– but after my first trip to Yogurt Mountain, I will not be returning to these seemingly trivial fro-yo spots.

As I walked into Yogurt Mountain for the first time, I was mesmerized by the futuristic decor and wall of toppings. Nearly seconds after entering, a purple and green clad employee offered me some sample cups and explained the set up of the store.

“Welcome to Yogurt Mountain!” he said. “We have sixteen different flavors to choose from and over fifty-two different toppings. It’s self serve, so you can sample and mix any flavor you want and add as many toppings as you want. It’s priced by the ounce: Every ounce of yogurt is fourty-five cents. Bring it to the register when you’re ready to weigh your yogurt.”

I was in heaven as I sampled flavors ranging from “Spiced Apple Pie” to “White Chocolate Mousse” to “Blueberry Tart.” Deciding on a flavor had never been this hard.

I finally decided on a combination of Cake Batter and Cheesecake and proceeded to the topping bar.

Choosing the correct combination of toppings was almost as hard as choosing a flavor. Topping choices ranged from cookie dough pieces, to gummi worms, to breakfast cereals, and of course fresh fruits. I piled a couple toppings onto my yogurt and proceeded to the register to pay for and consume my first “Yo Mo Fro Yo.”

It was delicious.

Raleigh teens needed a place like Yogurt Mountain. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very inviting, and there is always top twenty music blasting from the speakers. Because of these teen friendly amenities, it is the perfect location to hang out with friends while enjoying a delicious treat. There’s only one problem that one may encounter at the store: What flavor to choose!?


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