Shish Kabob: a new lunch destination


This October, students at Leesville gained a new lunch option, Shish Kabob, a Mediterranean food restaurant located in Pinecrest Point. This restaurant is the second location of the Shish Kabob chain, which was started in downtown Raleigh.

Lunch is by far my favorite part of the day, so I was delighted to learn of the new lunch venue. Approximately a week after the grand opening, my friends and I rushed to the parking lot to make sure we had ample time to enjoy our kabobs.

After arriving at the restaurant, I was thrilled to be greeted with blasting ethnic music and a kind-looking man wearing a intriguing cylindrical hat.

The menu consisted of classic Mediterranean foods, such as lamb and chicken gyros, kabobs, hummus and those peculiar grape leaf things.

With my meal, I received fries and a drink. The fries were crisped to perfection, and there was a special fry seasoning provided for extra flavor. The flavoring was a strange orange color and the taste couldn’t compare to Bojangles’ tasty concoction, but the effect was satisfying nonetheless.

Another special feature that sets this restaurant above the others is the slushie machine located in the store’s corner. I’m a huge fan of icy drinks, so I was quick to fill my Styrofoam cup with the green, sugary substance. The result was extremely enjoyable.

Overall, my experience at Shish Kabob was more than satisfying. My gyro and fries were cooked to perfection, and my slushie only added to the experience. Students at Leesville, if you find yourself craving hot meat and a strong dose of culture, Shish Kabob is the place for you!


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