Drivers’ Ed helps prevent accidents


The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry says that the best way for teenagers to learn to drive is through a Driver’s Education class.

Driver’s Ed lasts for thirty hours in the classroom and twelve hours on the road.  

During the school year, the classroom time is spent over a period of ten days.  During the summer, it lasts for five days.  

Laura Della Badia, sophomore, said, “I liked taking Driver’s Ed because now I’m aware of things that I wasn’t aware of before.  It really informed me and helped me out.”

In the class, students learn the fundamentals of safe driving.

The in-car driving helps students gain first-hand experience with driving on the road and situations they may encounter.

During the in-car driving portion, students face situations such as driving on the highway and through areas where there are many pedestrians.

During the class, Mrs. Stephenson, LRHS Driver’s Ed teacher, explained her reasons for teaching the class.

She stated that several of her past students died in car accidents due to their careless driving.  This made her want to teach others the proper fundamentals for safe driving in order to minimize the risks of accidents.

Long hours of class time and a few rides with the driver are a couple of minor speed bumps on the road to becoming a safer driver.

Completion of Driver’s Ed will hopefully reduce the probability of teenage accidents.


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