Diane Covington awarded Director of the Year


On Sunday, Nov. 7, Diane Covington, Leesville’s Choral Director, was awarded as the NCMEA (North Carolina Music Educators Association) Choral Director of the Year.

The prestigious award is given to the choral music director who exemplifies leadership, dedication and hard work.

David Albert, Leesville’s Band Director and President of the NCMEA, who shares an office with Covington, had the difficult task of keeping the award a secret.

“I had known about the award for a while, and she [Covington] is one of the best music educators I know of,” he said. “When coming up with the guidelines of what constitutes as an exemplary music educator, she was my inspiration.”

Ellysse Hampshire, senior and member of Capital Pride, could not be happier about the award.

“Mrs. Cov deserves this award more than anyone else. She is an amazing educator who inspires all of her students every single day, and I am so glad she has been rewarded for her incredible teaching.”

Covington describes the experience as “humbling.”

“The award was just so unexpected and I am so grateful to receive it. By receiving such an honor, it only reinvigorates me to do what I love to do.”


  1. Elisabeth – thanks for sharing this! It should be front and center in the N&O as well! What a well-deserved honor!

  2. I am “borrowing” from and referencing your article in my Parent Info Yahoo email Elisabeth–thanks!! Cathy Kratt


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