Erika Martin plays lead in Alice in Wonderland


Mainstage, Leesville’s elite theatre troupe, recently held auditions for their fall production of Alice In Wonderland. Erika Martin, senior, was chosen to play the lead, Alice. Alice In Wonderland will run November 23 at 7:00 in the auditorium.

“It’s exciting… because people know the play, so they know who I’m playing,” Martin said. “But [being the lead] is also a lot of work. It’s going to be hard.”

Martin, who was Edith in the fall production Blithe Spirit, now has many extracurricular activities to juggle. As an avid ballerina, she must deal with rigorous ballet practices on top of two rehearsals.  

“A lot of it is about timing. If I have an early dance lesson, but a rehearsal, I have to miss the lesson. But if the dance lesson is later, then I’m just out really late. Then there’s homework to do, also.” Martin said of balancing her schedule.

However, Martin is happy with her decision to continue dancing and acting. She likes having the option of identifying as either a dancer or an actor.  

“Ever since I was five, I’ve been a dancer. And when people used to ask me, ‘What’s something interesting about you?’, I’d always say that I’ve been dancing for a long time. But now, being in the play, people don’t think of me as a dancer. I’m thought of as an actress, and that’s really cool.”

Martin hopes to continue her acting career and will be going out for Cinderella in the spring musical, Cinderella. But, as of now, she’s still getting into being an actor and handling her hectic schedule.


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