Dance Ensemble concert impressive


The Leesville Road High School Dance Ensemble held their fall concert on Tuesday, October 6 in the Leesville Auditorium.

The program consisted of a wide variety of performances reflecting many styles of dance. All dancers participated in the opening act choreographed by Cindy Hoban, dance instructor. After the initial performance, dancers performed individual songs, chosen to represent their personalities and abilities.

The music accompanying the performances ranged from Lady Gaga to a soundtrack from the play Chicago.

Because of their October 8 pep rally performance, the team only had only one week to prepare their individual dances for the fall concert.

Andrea Gonzalez, senior, originally worried about the amount of time the dancers had to prepare.  “Most good dances take months to prepare, but we only had a week. Thankfully we have a lot of dedicated dancers so the concert went well.”

Rachel Cianfichi, dance captain, commented, “I was still nervous even though I’m a senior because now the weight of the team rests on my shoulders.”

The dance ensemble presents a fall and spring concert to fund each year’s activities. The admission fee helps to cover expenses including competitions and recreational trips. The Orange Bowl Committee invited last year’s team to participate in the halftime show in Miami, Florida.

This year, the team has the opportunity to travel to New York City in April for a recreational and learning opportunity. They will attend Broadway musicals and receive training from professional choreographers.

Lauren Mauban, senior and dance captain, is looking forward to the next year of dance at Leesville. “We have a lot to work on this year, but we have a lot of dedicated dancers that are willing to improve. The best is yet to come.”

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