Women’s XC overcomes Sanderson


On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the Leesville Women’s Cross Country team defeated the Sanderson Spartans 18-45 at Leesville’s home course. Leesville clinched thirteen of the top fourteen places in the dual meet.

At 22:09, Emily Putnam, sophomore, crossed the finish line in first place. Abby Davis, sophomore, soon followed Putnam with a time of 22:52. Sanderson runner, Samantha Cook, finished in third place six seconds later before eleven more Pride runners completed the 3.1 mile race.

Once every runner crosses the finish line the officials begin to calculate final scores. This is done by adding the places of the top five runners on each team. The team with the fewest points wins the meet. Leesville’s top five runners finished 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 while Sanderson’s top five placed 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

“That’s about as good as a result you can get and I am sure we would have done better if it weren’t for the workouts that preceded the meet,” said Mark Mclamb, cross country coach.

Winning against another team by twenty-seven points is a huge win in cross country and helps prove that Leesville has some of the best runners in the CAP8 conference.

Although Leesville won their dual meet, Coach Mclamb believes it is necessary to keep improving in order to keep winning. “The team made goals at the beginning of the year,” said Mclamb. “To accomplish those goals, the team will need to keep working hard.”


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