Choosing the better browser


The majority of students at LRHS use Internet browsers daily and for multiple hours at a time. Choosing the correct browser is crucial in order for the user to get the best experience possible.

When I move from Facebook to Youtube, I rarely stop to think of the importance of Internet browsers. They act as people’s guides to a virtual world of information and are critical when surfing the web.

In order to find a browser that satisfies the user’s needs, it is important to look at a browser’s simplicity, security and support. A good browser allows users of all ages and intellects to surf the Internet with ease and comfort. A good browser has features such as tabs, thumbnail previews and integrated search engines to improve a user’s experience.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers. Students can go to Microsoft’s website to download add-ons that makes browsing much more convenient and easier. Microsoft has evolved in the past few versions by adding private browsing, improved security and a friendlier user interface.

Explorer does a good job in utilizing tabs to help students view several web pages at a time without slowing down the Internet speed. One of the best features of Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s customer service. Internet Explorer provides FAQs and support by email or phone for users in need of help.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is developing slower than other Internet browsers. Microsoft is only starting to add key features that other browsers have utilized.

Although the majority of users in LRHS navigate with Internet Explorer, browsers like Firefox are starting to become more popular to students.

When it comes to Internet browsing, critics just love Mozilla’s Firefox. ranked Firefox at the top of its list because it has the simplicity, security and support of all other browsers linked into one. Mozilla makes Firefox extremely customizable and easy to navigate with.

When using Firefox, students do not have to worry about adds popping up every ten minutes. The Firefox system focuses primarily on quick and secure browsing. On a daily basis, students are constantly downloading music using torrents and are vulnerable to viruses; Addblock Plus protects users from threats.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are two of the most advanced browsers available. Students should choose Internet Explorer if they prefer excellent customer service. However, Firefox would be very convenient for the more frequent user or downloader. Choosing a browser is difficult but will make surfing the Internet easier.


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