Homecoming pep rally wows crowd


Before the big Homecoming game on October 8, Leesville students celebrated with a parade and pep rally.

The day’s schedule was rearranged so that all the classes were shortened. Students were let out early to watch a variety of floats and the fall sports teams parade up to the student parking lot. This year’s theme “Pride Over The Wake” showed in the many aquatic-looking floats.

The Sophomore Class Council seemed to be “underwater” as they danced inside a blue cellophane box.

“It was pretty cool,” Ryan Rhodes, sophomore, said via Facebook. “I like how the sophomores had the best one.”

The administrators, who judge the floats, agreed. They compared the completed floats to a rubric based on certain criteria: school spirit, representation of club, appropriateness, and overall creativity.

Following the parade, the students shuffled into the bleachers for this year’s pep rally. The first festivity was a performance from the drum line. The crowd oohed and ahhed at the tricky and complicated beats the percussionists formed.

Next, the homecoming court strutted down the track, smiling at all the students. The varsity football team followed, even performing a small dance number, which received a laugh from the bleachers.

Dance Ensemble surpassed the football players dance moves with their own routine. “[Their dance] was a lot better than last year’s,” one student said, watching the performance.

Finally, Coach Green took a mike and delivered a motivating speech. “We’re going to smack them in the mouth… Grill Team will be there, the Loonies will be there. And there will be fireworks in the air!” Green cried. He became so worked up, that at the end, he literally threw down the microphone.

The pep rally left a lot of students ready to defeat the Wakefield Wolverines. “Everything was really awesome,” Rhodes said. “It was a great [pep rally].”



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