Halo: Reach gets mixed reviews


Halo: Reach was released at midnight on September 14 and at that moment, the nation was hooked. Teenagers everywhere camped outside of stores and even skipped school to put their hands on a copy.

In fact, the new Halo sold out so quickly that before the end of the first day, it had grossed over 200 million dollars, setting a new franchise record. But what exactly is so great about Reach?

Everything, apparently. Simon Burke, a sophomore at Leesville, had nothing but good things to say about the newest version. “It might be the best game I’ve ever played.”

Burke waited in a line outside of Best Buy all night in the hopes of walking away with Reach. After all of the hype surrounding the newest Halo, Burke could not wait to sit down and play. “I’ve played all the other [games] and liked them a lot. When I heard about everything new in Reach, I just had to get it.”

Halo: Reach brings a lot of new features to the table, including the ability to use jet packs and become invisible (cloaking). Burke expressed his feelings on the latest aspects of the game when he said, “Everything they added really sets [the new one] apart from all the others. It stands  out.”

However, not everyone has the same opinion of Reach. Sean Bryant, a sophomore, disagrees completely with Burke. “Honestly, its nothing new. Having played all the others, I was really excited to get the new [game]. But so far, I’ve been disappointed.”

On the additions that Burke raved about, Bryant shook his head. “It’s almost all of the same old [features]. They’re not special at all.” Sean struggled to find anything positive to say about the game.

Although the newest Halo may not appeal to every gamer, there are more than enough loyal fans to ensure the success of Reach.


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