#2 on Bucket List: Grill Team


Walking into Grill Team is like taking a stroll through Emerald City.  Everywhere you look is green.  The smell of a smoky charcoal and music fill the air.  People are talking, eating and playing games.

“Grill Team is lots of fun, and there are many things to do.  You don’t just sit around.  We have tons of games,” said Ryan Mulligan, senior.  “It’s a great way to show school spirit.”

Chandler Brown, senior, said, “Grill Team gives us a chance to show off to everyone and to [show] our football team how much we really support them.”

Last year, High School OT named the Leesville Loonies the best student section in the Triangle.
Evan Sauer, senior, said, “We’re really trying to win back-to-back best student section of the year.  It’s really important to us seniors.”

After leaving Grill Team, while walking back to the game, several cars filled with Loonies leaned out their windows screaming at me.  It was invigorating.  They were ready to take part in the ultimate high school experience:  Friday night football games.

Andrea Gonzalez, senior, said, “[It’s great] to see the family of Leesville.  Everyone is there helping out:  [selling food] behind the counter, selling spirit wear, cheering in the stands.”

Throughout the game, all the Loonies are cheering.  Their loud voices carry all throughout the stadium.

I can tell that these people are very passionate about their school.  Being at Grill Team taught me that football is not just about the coaches and players.  It’s about the students and faculty who make up the Leesville community, too.

I would definitely recommend coming to Grill Team to anyone who has not gone yet because it is an enjoyable experience.  You learn what it really takes to show true spirit and in the process you meet some great people.

Sauer said, “You need to come out and try out [Grill Team].  It’s really fun.  And we need more to people to come to the game itself; we definitely need more people to cheer with us.”

“Basically, be there or be square.  You’re missing out on something fun if you don’t go,” said Gonzalez.

Many Leesville students, myself included, agree, football games mean a lot and we need to make sure we come out and support our school.

High school students have a desire to feel connected to their peers, their school, and their school’s athletics .  By attending Grill Team and Friday night games, they fulfill this need.

These four years are the times where students relax, enhance their social life, and have as much fun as possible. But most of all, pride themselves on being Loonies. Attending football games, and just being involved in supporting our team, is just one of the many things that define what a Loonie really is.


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