Womens’ basketball holds open gym


On Thursday, Oct. 7 at 2:30, the girls basketball team held an open gym for any girls interested in playing basketball this winter.

Held every year before the start of the regular season, the open gym provides a unique opportunity for everyone involved. Hannah Taylor, senior and longtime gym attendee, feels that the preseason work done at the gym is crucial to the overall success of the team.

“It helps to have a place where you can just come and practice. Most of the girls who show up have nowhere else to practice. Without these gyms, they [would] never be ready for tryouts.”

Most of the time at the open gym is spent scrimmaging as a group. However, potential teammates also practice the aspects of the game they need to work on the most. “All the girls have something in particular that they want to work on, but it’s different for each person. Not everyone needs help with the same things,” said Taylor.

While the open gym is only the first in a long line of workouts, it is the first chance the girls will have to impress Coach Ross and Coach Pool, who oversee the activities held at the gym. However, there is more to the gym than trying to catch the attention of the coaches.

“The gyms really are open; we aren’t analyzing individuals or team play as we will do at tryouts,” said Coach Ross via e-mail. “We just want those who are able and who are interested to attend, to play hard, push each other, and have fun.”

Taylor agrees with Coach Ross and his view on the gym. “Really, it’s just a fun way to get back together with the team and get in shape for the season,” said Taylor. “That’s what it’s all about.”


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