School improvement #1: cafeteria side door


As a sophomore at Leesville Road, I’m slowly starting to realize how things work throughout the school. I know a few teachers and most of the students, but above all, I know my way around. That means I know all of the little shortcuts and walkways that help students get to class.

Unfortunately, the single-wide door on the side of the cafeteria is one short cut I know all too well.

While that door may be the shortest route from the Main Building to the East Building, it’s certainly not the most enjoyable. With all of the pushing and shoving it takes to squeeze your way through the door while making sure nobody steals your things, the whole experience is very uncomfortable.

I’m not sure why nobody has ever tried to fix this, but I feel something should be done. There’s just no way things can continue on as hectically and chaotically as they do now.

My ideas? Do some demo. Rip out a few of those shrubs in the courtyard, slide over the vending machines on the inside and turn the windows there into doors. That way,  the walls that support the school structurally are left intact.

I know that I, along with my fellow peers, would greatly appreciate the extra space that a few more doors would create. Just knowing that I can get where I need to be easily would take a lot of pressure off of me.

Maybe an easier fix? Take a different route. Rather than trying the side door, use the back path from the cafeteria stairwell out through the teacher parking lot. Hardly anybody goes that way and it takes about the same amount of time.

Simply going around the Senior Wall takes the entire cafeteria out of the equation, providing a much quicker way. While it might not be as direct, going that direction won’t cost too much time and there’s no pushing involved.

To some people, yes, it’s only a door. But to the hundreds of students who deal with the congestion everyday, it is more than that. Getting to class should not be a struggle and changing the door should be a priority.

However, I can understand that kind of project might not take place and so until then, I urge everyone facing a similar dilemma to go a different way. Maybe someday there will be a change, but until then, the best bet is to walk around the cafeteria and save the trouble.


  1. I have thought about this issue a lot and i personally think the only way it is going to change is if we cut the bushes and put in a double door..kinda complex but it would work so much better.


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