Classroom reassignments


Leesville Road High School underwent extensive classroom reassignments for the first day of school, August 25.

Gary Duvall, assistant principal, headed the reorganization of teacher classroom assignment, as all classes of the same subject are now located in the same hallway.

“Forty-eight teachers in total were switched, with the subjects ranging from mathematics, English, social studies, CTE and ESL,” commented Duvall.

So far, the moved teachers are happy with the results.

“It’s nice because it provides cohesiveness,” said Heather Dinkenor, an English teacher  whose classroom was one of the forty-eight to change.

“It was also good to have something different, and it made me clean out my junk,” continued Dinkenor.

Melissa Kindler, an algebra teacher, was also recently relocated to the math hallway in the east building.

“At first it was like OK, third move in three years. But then I found out the reason why, and it made sense. I realized it was all for the greater good,” responded Kindler when asked about her feelings on the move.

And that is the change our school system always welcomes: the kind for the greater good.


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