Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Leesville junior varsity volleyball is back on the winning streak, Thursday, September 17, after a long, point-by-point, 3-game match with Sanderson. Leesville won the first game, 25-20, and the third game, 25-22.

In the first game, Sanderson was first to serve, winning the first point and losing the second. Laura Stammen, freshman, is first to serve for the pride, with a successful 5-point streak. At an 11-11 tie, Stammen was back to serve in the second rotation, scoring seven consecutive points.

Leesville goes on to serve out of bounds on game point, 24-19, but wins in the next set with a Sanderson hit into the net.

The second game was lost during a long volley, 23-25. Samara Brown, freshman middle-hitter, commented, “it was a really nervous game,” after she realized Sanderson was making a quick comeback with multiple, consecutive-point rallies.

Camille Churchwell, freshman weak side-hitter, said, “we actually had to work for our win.”

Prior to the third game, Mikayla Lockridge, sophomore who was out due to injury, predicted “an easy game, probably a 25-18 win.”

Lockridge’s prediction started to look like wishful thinking when an official made a bad call for a “lift” on Brown; the score was 4-8. Brown explained, “it didn’t even look carry.”

After two time-outs and several back-and-forth single-point volleys, Leesville gets an ace, when the serve hits the floor of the opposing team without any interference, at 18-13. A man in the audience commented, “that’s the first nail in the coffin [for Sanderson].”

Upon losing the game point of the third game, 24-22, Leesville came back with a high block from Brown to “seal the coffin.”

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