Class of ’14 elections


On September 15 and 16, the freshmen class voted for their student council officers. Elections were held during all three lunches after a week of campaigning.

One candidate for office, Hannah Daley, ran for freshman vice president. “I wanted to get involved and meet new people,” Daley said, when asked why she chose to run for office. Madeline Graebe and Priscila Block, along with others, ran for president.

“I want to make a difference,” Graebe said, confidently, about her plans.

The stairwells of the east building and the main building were decorated with a variety of posters. Some canidates used simple permanent marker, while others added embellishments like paper flowers and polka dots.

But, the responsibilities for any freshman officer go beyond decorating a couple pieces of poster board. Their duties as officers and representatives of their class are a hefty load. Factoring in homework and studying for tests; their amount of social interaction becomes scarce. “It’s going to be tough balancing my time,” explained Daley.

Others, like Priscilla Block, did not see the workload that comes with being an officer as a challenge. “I’m not worried,” Block said.

If elected, the candidates have some changes they would like to see made. “I just want a successful year… and to make the class of ’14 the best it can be,” said Graebe.

Claudia Kennedy, who ran for Freshman President, would like to see more unity throughout the freshmen class.

The votes came in on Friday. Claudia Kennedy will be President for the Freshman Class. Her Vice Presidents are Hannah Daley and Pierce Do.

“It’s going to be so fun,” said Daley, VP. “I’m excited.”


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