Class of ’11 paints senior wall


From 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. every weekday morning between August 10 and August 21, volunteers from the class of 2011 painted the Senior Wall.  This year, in addition to painting the mural, seniors were invited stop by and stamp their hand print along the sides of the wall.

This year’s wall is a representation of the many sides of Leesville:  sports teams, the arts department, and school spirit – the lion.  In contrast to last year’s brightly colored wall, this year’s mural consists a calmer color scheme, featuring only blue, green, black, gray, and white.

The mural was designed by seniors Stephanie Livesay, Konnor Grant, and Emily Trapani, who also assisted in the outlining and actual painting of the wall.

“We wanted to do something completely different this year,” said Trapani.  “We wanted the lion to really stand out, and keep the rest of the colors more muted.”

Even though there were only six or seven consistent volunteers painting throughout the week, around three hundred students stopped by to leave their mark on the wall.

“I couldn’t stay for long, but I wanted to help out a little and put my hand print on the wall,” said Layla Shayesteh, senior.  “Even though it will be gone next year, I like the idea of people having something individual on the wall.”

After almost two weeks of daily work, the Wall was completed, dry and ready for public viewing on August 23.


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