Political Club receives ‘Honors’ status


The LRHS Political Club is starting the 2010-11 school year as a recognized honors club.

The requirements to become an honors club include creating a scrapbook of the club’s events during the year, completing two service projects for the community, and having a club constitution.

Cameron Dolecheck, vice president, is hoping that the honors status will provide some publicity for the club and bring in new members. “It [the honors status] has gotten the attention of a lot more people, including lots of kids from AP Government as well as loads of incoming freshman,” said Dolecheck.

Last year’s service projects were writing letters to war veterans as well as organizing a voter registration. The club will be holding another voter registration later in the year. Carolyn Walence, Political Club historian, helped with last year’s voter registration. “We [the Political Club] set up a table in the parking lot, and a lot of people asked what we were doing. A few people registered, too. We’re hoping to get more interest this year,” said Walence.

Dolecheck is fully prepared for the responsibilities that come with being an honors club. “Attendance is much more scrutinized as well as the service projects,” said Dolecheck, who is also looking forward to the perks of the honors status, such as electing a Homecoming Court representative.

As far as new responsibilities go, Dolecheck is ready for Political Club to be more active with the school and community. “[The honors status] means more work for the officers, but the Political Club is eager to make its mark at Leesville.”


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