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Bennett’s famous last words

Bennett’s famous last words

As I sit here to record the last article of my junior year, I have a few regrets dwelling upon my stained psyche. The initial regrets are on the subject of effort.

Effort is a truly interesting affair – what is it that compels certain people to exhibit more effort than others? When it came to the Leesville Road Mycenaean, this Staff Writer lacked effort.

I wondered what would happen if I had simply put more work into showing leadership potential or attempting to be an editor. Would I hold the position next year? Would the position be the deciding factor between me getting into Chapel Hill, a life goal of mine?

Then, in a momentary lapse of chaos in my mind, I realized that my effort, or lack of, was part of the fantastic journey that I, as well as the rest of my peers, undertook by signing up for the class.

Some of us are bound to be Editor in Chief, while others will go on to remain underappreciated staff writers. I, however, will remain the goofy staff writer that dons a Snuggie around school in the name of journalism.

This unique path is merely a symbol of our entire High School careers. We all undergo the same journey with staggeringly different results.

Some of us will end up as Winterfest King or Queen, others will fill the role of leading actor, while most of us will slide into the cracks somewhere in the middle.

The key principle of this journey is not which role we fit into, rather that we enjoy the ride no matter who we end up becoming, a cliché that has never been truer.

I know for a fact that although I did not rise up to the highest attainable ranks of the Mycenaean, that I relished all of the inside jokes and time spent in the Newspaper class, in addition to the gratitude I hold for having the chance to grow as a writer.

Barring a small miracle, this article will never reach the promised land of articles – our website. Even if it does not, I enjoyed writing it, as my last article of my junior year. Hopefully, my articles will be missed this summer.

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