A Q&A with senior Bo Burns


Q: Throughout your four years at Leesville, what memory or experience sticks out in your mind as something you will never forget?

A: Grill Team is the one thing that stands out in my mind.  I had so much fun being with friends, I liked how everybody from different grades and different friends could all come together on Friday’s for one purpose…support classmates while having a heck load of fun.

Q: Is there anything that you would have done differently while at LHS?

A: I wouldn’t have done anything differently throughout high school; I live life without regrets.  I appreciate everything that happened and wouldn’t wish for anything else.

Q: Is there any advice you have for the rising seniors and the incoming freshman?

A: Seniors–don’t waste a minute because senior year goes by so fast.  Live in the moment and take chances because you never know what might happen in the future.  Freshman–know that you’re going to have so many different friends in the next 4 years so hold on to the ones you go into high school with.

Q: How has playing sports affected your high school experience and how have you been rewarded by it?

A: Playing soccer in high school was a great experience, and I was blessed to be on the varsity team for 4 years.  Playing in front of your classmates and winning is the best feeling. I feel so accomplished knowing that 4 years of hard work on varsity paid off that I got a scholarship.  It motivates me so much to work harder and to keep going in college to put that scholarship to good use.

Q: Will you be sad to leave high school behind or are you glad that it is finally over?

A: High school was so amazing, I had so many great experiences and memories and made the best friends that ill always have forever.  I’m definitely glad it’s over, and I’m excited to move on to a new life, but at the same time it’s sad that I’ll never be with the people I’m used to being with everyday.  I’ll never forget all the great memories I’ve had, and I’ll definitely cherish them as I move onto real life

Q: What impact do you think the class of 2010 had on Leesville?

A: The one thing I think the class of 2010 left behind was school pride and spirit.  We always went to sporting games and did everything with passion.  I think what set us apart was that nobody cared what people thought of us, we were able to adapt to be crazy in some situations to make people laugh. I think we really got on the idea of doing what you love and not worrying about what others did.


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