Ali Fedotowsky returns as The Bachelorette


On May 24, a new season of ABC’s The Bachelorette began, with a nervous Ali Fedotowsky as the bachelorette, and 25 eligible bachelors waiting to meet her.

Ali, who was a front runner in the most recent season of The Bachelor, chose to leave the show early in order to continue her career in business rather than continue to pursue the season 10 bachelor, Jake Pavelka.

After a heartbreaking exit, Ali called Jake promising that she had “made a mistake” and wanted to come back. Jake politely declined her request, claiming it was unfair to the other women who had not left the show.

Shortly after Ali’s leave, the show’s producers realized that Ali’s bubbly personality would make her a perfect candidate for the summer season of The Bachelorette.

Now Ali finds herself on the other side of the show. Instead of competing against other women for the heart of a sole bachelor, 25 handsome men are competing for her heart.

Coming from an avid viewer, the producers made the right choice by choosing Ali to be this season’s bachelorette. The season 10 bachelor, Jake, fit the looks requirements, but his personality was seriously lacking. Ali could be the perfect candidate to bring the sauciness that the show needs.

From observations I made about Ali when she was a contestant on Jake’s season, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and is in love with attention. My only hope is that Ali’s sassy attitude will shine through the producer’s direction, and that she will truly make the season her own, as Jake failed to do.

The show began with Ali, dressed in a formal black gown, standing outside of the famous Bachelor mansion. She stood and greeted the one by one as they climbed out of an assortment of limos.

Ali’s nerves were obvious as she awkwardly greeted each contestant, but hopefully these were just first-day nerves and Ali will soon break from her shell and show the world the Ali that we met on The Bachelor.

There were a few contestants that caught my eye, such as Jason, who works outside the show as an entertainment wrestler. Some of the men in the house perceived Jason as being there for “the wrong reasons,” or there to bring attention to his wrestling persona rather than finding love. This concern was brought up to Ali, but she chose to disregard the concern by giving Jason a rose, confirming his presence for at least another week.

It is contestants like these that keep the show alive. As heartbreaking as it may be, viewers love to watch attention-seeking candidates slip through Ali’s elimination round week after week. Without the villains of the house, the show would not have the same “oomph” that it is famous for.

Another notable contender was Roberto. The Hispanic bachelor wooed Ali by teaching her how to salsa, which obviously caught her attention, for she gave her only “first impression rose” to Roberto, which also confirmed another week in the house.

Despite these two standout contestants, there were many of the usual suspects: a few attention-hogging men that took more time bringing down others than wooing Ali, a couple goofballs that the producers stuck in the cast to make good TV, and a couple seemingly great guys ready to win Ali’s affection.

The show ended with Ali handing out roses to the men that she wished to keep and saying goodbye to the eight men who simply weren’t her type.

Ali now has 17 men left, and will continue to narrow them down throughout the summer. If all goes as planned, Ali will end the show with the love of her life down on one knee asking Ali to be his bride.

Although it is rare for the love connections made on the show to last, the show keeps viewers addicted for one reason: Everyone wants that fairytale ending. The perfectly planned dates on the show ooze romance and the mere hope that couples formed on the show will last forever will keep viewers coming back for more.


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