Q&A about renewing National Board Certification

Teachers around Leesvillle are in the process of gaining or renewing their National Board Certification.  Amy Wedge, an English and Speech teacher, shared insight into the steps one must take as she answered questions about the process.

  1. What are the requirements a teacher must fulfill before he or she is eligible to become Board Certified or renew their National Board Certification?


For Initial Board Certification, teachers must have taught 3 years in North Carolina. For renewing National Board Certification, teachers renew after 10 years.

How long does the process take?  What does the process involve? 

Initial Board Certification allows banked scores, so if one doesn’t pass the first year, they can continue to try and pass either portfolio entries or test questions in the next two years. Renewing National Board has 3 Components and a written Reflection that requires analysis of connections and patterns among all three components of Profile for Professional Growth from the perspective of your role as an educator. Component 1 requires response related to four areas of professional growth that have evolved and include current pedagogical knowledge; acquisition of effective and appropriate use of technology; and must be ongoing, varied, and multifaceted. The component must reflect the continuous commitment and contributions to the professional activities that ultimately have an impact on student learning. Component 2 requires choosing one of the featured growth experiences in Component 1 and demonstrate student learning in an environment that ensures equity of access, promotes an appreciation of diversity, and demonstrates certificate-specific content knowledge. Component 3 requires a different featured growth experience in Component 1 and demonstrates through video direct or indirect efforts to impact student learning. The activities must demonstrate meaningful and rigorous learning experiences tied to certificate-specific content knowledge, and the commentary must reflect the fact that the NBPTS Standards continue to be embedded in the teaching practice.  The renewal process takes one full year.

What are the pros and cons of a teacher taking the time to renew the Certification? 

Pros outweigh the cons. Pros are improved instruction; greater reflection of practice; increased salary if successful; and growth as a Leader, Collaborator, Teacher, etc.

The cons are health related illness due to the intense stress emotionally, physically, etc.

When does a teacher renew their Certification? (Is it a summer activity, or is it in addition to teaching?)

As Mrs. Julie Kolb and myself, Amy Wedge, are currently the only ones renewed, the process of renewing is every ten years. There are teachers who were working on the renewal process this year for certification next year. The process is concurrent with teaching during the school year.

How often must a teacher renew their Certification?

Teachers renew their certification every ten years.


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