Leesville Fashion Faux Pas


DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to offend the fashion challenged, only to inform those in need of guidance.

1. Rainbows Year Round– I could guarantee that if anyone walked into any classroom at this school, there would be at least eight people wearing flip flops; male, female and….faculty. In the spring or summer this is completely acceptable, but when it’s 40 or below and your toes are practically blue…..it is not okay.

2. Uggs with skirts– If it’s warm enough to wear a skirt, then chances are it’s too hot for those sheepskin boots. Whether or not Ugg boots were originally made for Australian surfers, we are not on the picturesque coast of Australia, this is suburbia. The Ugg boots and the short denim minis have to go, girls.

3. Tunics Worn as Dresses– I am not a fan of the student handbook’s dress code, but as least it has this one right. Try the tunic test:  If someone breathes heavily in your direction and a dress billows right over your head or if one cannot walk outside without frantically pulling them down, odds are it is too short. Take my advice and throw some leggings on with your outfit, you will thank me on a slightly windy day.

4. Camisoles on the top of T-shirts– Camisoles are meant to go under clothing, or to cover up a little.  However, they are not meant to throw on top on a white T-shirt for an extra oomph. There is no oomph achieved and one ends up looking a little bit like Hannah Montana and very, very silly.

5. Ridiculously Ripped Jeans- I am all for the slightly distressed jean trend although, some have taken it too far. So when contemplating whether or not to purchase shredded jeans this spring, try to avoid the following mishaps:

If the rips in your denim start at the front pockets and run all the way down to your ankles; if you can see your undergarments through the tears; or if you go to try them on and you put an leg right through one of the gaping holes, if any of all apply to you, throw those unattractive things out.


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