Students plan to go into armed services


Some Leesville students plan to enter the Armed Services after they receive their diploma.

The possibility of going to war and joining the military is a less popular option for high school students at Leesville; the class of 2009 only had six students join.

“Going right into the army is way too much responsibility for a kid just out of high school,” said Thalia St. Lot, junior. “People want to go to college with their friends, not go fight a war.”

“Joining the navy is not a backup plan,” said Collin Reaves. “I have the option of going to college, but I would rather go into the Armed Services first and then go to school; why not let them pay for my tuition?”

Not only does the military hand out scholarships, they also provide life insurance, health care, survivor and veteran benefits, home loans, travel options among other advantages that the average person would not receive until after college.

Even with the large quantity of benefits that the military can offer a person, joining the military just out of high school is labeled as a backup plan for those whose grades that were not the best. “Going into the army is not an option for me. Even if I wanted to my parents wouldn’t be very supportive. I just want to go to college,” said Alex Lawrence, junior.

 “I think it’s extremely ignorant when people think that since you want to join the military that you’re not smart,” said Reaves. “Or some it is a mature decision to go into the military because your bettering yourself by having a solid job security and getting your education along the way.”

 Regardless of public opinion, Reaves and other Leesville students find joining the Armed Services a better fit than going off to college in the fall.


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