Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

It has been about fifteen months since the first black president in American history was voted into office, and the time has come for Americans to decide whether or not Barack Obama is doing a satisfactory job at renewing our once thriving country.

As anyone could have expected, Republicans and Democrats are split down the middle on whether Obama’s first year in office was a success or failure. Gallup says 45 percent observed his work as a success, 45 declared his work a failure, and 10 percent are undecided based on a survey taken February 5. His approval and disapproval ratings have been within one or two percent of one another since surveys began.

Despite the barriers America has overcome, the reaction to Obama’s first year in office could be largely due to his race and age. According to blogger Jack James, most traditionally minded people visualize a white, older male as a president, as is our nation’s history. Apparently Americans need more time to accept a leader with a different appearance.

Surveys showed that when it came to the job market, 59 percent were disappointed with the actions the president took against unemployment, 34 percent approve, and 7 percent were undecided. Obama, in his retort to these responses, said plainly that after eight years of the Bush-Cheney administration it would not be an easy task to rebound from the recession in just a year.

When it came to his stands against terrorism, 48 percent approve of his actions while 44 percent disapprove – 8 percent are undecided. In May of 2009 Obama decided to close the terrorist prison of Guantanamo Bay, putting American soil at risk of infiltration by terrorist convicts.

But when it comes down to personality, Barack Obama continues to shine as a friendly and relatable person. Surveys showed that 56 percent of voters called him honest and trustworthy, and 66 percent commented on his strong leadership qualities.

And by a final 53 to 45 percent vote, most voters are satisfied with Obama’s performance thus far and admire his courage in his attempts to bring America back to its original glory.

By Virginia Reed, Online Editor

Virginia Reed is a superb writer and an even better friend. She enjoys unhealthy foods and writing sarcastic articles. Virginia is the Online Editor for the 2011-12 school year and was a Managing Editor for the 2010-11 year but has not forgotten her humble beginnings as a staff writer when she was a wee sophomore. Her goals for the future are to get an A in newspaper and to apply to college in a timely fashion.

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