Surprise! Facebook lowers intelligence


Shocking news: spending all your time on the computer instead of focusing on studies directly correlates with receiving lower grades in school.

According to, students that use the popular social networking site Facebook record an average of a 3.0 GPA, while those who do not average a 4.0 GPA.

This study should hardly come as a surprise; all it manages to prove is that social pariahs that chose to spend their time endlessly studying notes as opposed to stalking pictures of their friends online will perform better.

This is about as startling as noting that an athlete that trains every day will outperform another athlete that sits on his butt eating McDonalds three meals a day, avoiding practice altogether.

There is some bad news for any extremist that planned on annihilating Facebook in the name of public education; the site itself isn’t lowering the grades.

No matter what happens, students will continue to be distracted by various things, Facebook or no, this trend remains constant through the dawn of time.

Honestly, let’s face it: schoolwork is not that interesting, and creative minds will always search for a way to escape the monotony.

Will Bennett “Likes” this.

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