Shoe Drive Collects Over 1,300 Pairs of Shoes


From Nov. 2-6, The Key Club held a shoe drive, where Leesville students donated over 1,300 pairs of shoes, which provided people with shoes unable to purchase their own.

The Shoe Drive was held through an organization called “SHOES-4-SOULS,” ( which is a non-profit organization located in Cameron Village. The goal of the organization is to provide ten thousand people with shoes before Christmas, and with over 1,300 pairs of shoes donated, Leesville has done a great job at contributing to that goal.

Leesville students managed to collect over 400 pairs of shoes in the first two days. Jillian Schoening, the junior top donor, managed to donate 101 pairs of used shoes. “I had about twenty pairs of shoes lying around my house, and I walked around my subdivision and got tons of pairs of old shoes from my neighbors. It was such an easy way to help out so I felt glad to contribute,” said Schoening.

Second and third place went to Erica Lee, freshmen who donated 74 pairs, and Nessa Mitchem, sophomore who donated 52 pairs of shoes, respectively.

“We decided that the majority of students at Leesville are pretty well off, and there’s probably a big excess of shoes that people aren’t doing anything with, so this is a really good fundraiser that’s easy for students to participate in,” said Cameron Wood, senior and Key Club President. “Plus, our advisor Ms. Nusbaum loves shoes, so this was definitely her type of fundraiser.”

The shoes were donated to families everywhere that cannot afford them, and if the feeling of helping charity wasn’t good enough, Target gift cards were given to the Schoening, Mitchum and Lee.

Dechen Lama, junior Key Club Officer, said, “I’m really glad we had such a great turnout for Leesville’s first ever Shoe Drive. It’s a great cause, and we’ll probably continue with raising shoes in future years.”


  1. I thought the shoe drive was out of control, iv never seen so many before. I just dont see why we stop there, why not donate whole outfits? Maybe an idea for next time boys huh?


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