Leesville Students Compete in WRAL Brain Game

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jones

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jones
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jones

On Nov. 14, Andrew Christian, Nathan Miller and Woong-Soo Lee competed in WRAL’s brain game competition.  Leesville competed against Fayetteville Christian School and Tarheel Challenge Academy.

Brain Game, a weekly game show aired on WRAL, includes three teams.  Each team competes to answer each question as soon as possible, and the points accumulated by each team during the game determine whether or not teams advance to semifinals.

Like the other teams, Leesville’s team spent time preparing and planning strategies.

“We watched the news.  Once we found out which states and countries would be in the game, we divided them up.  I studied France and Louisiana,” said Andrew Christian.  “Other than that, however, you never really know what to prepare for.”

No amount of preparation, however, could prepare them for the actual match.  Nerves combined with random questions to provide for a difficult match.  “I was nervous because the last time I competed was before last summer,” said Christian.

Watch WRAL on Jan. 2, 2010 to view the results.


  1. Everyone had two weeks of preparations. That’s when WRAL gives the event topics. And are you blaming the Wake County Public School System for allowing students to learn? If that’s your argument, then are you proposing that WRAL give some sort of advantage to schools from other counties? You’re basically calling yourself dumb and that you need extra help in life to not look idiotic. Also, even the defending champs in brain game are not from Wake County, so quit your whining. As for the T-shirts, everyone has them at the school.

  2. Let’s see…how much of an advantage did leesville enjoyed? two months of studying subject matter, plus even having the time to even make up their own T-shirts. yeah it was a fair match if you were from wake county. I have noticed that about the wake county teams on brain game. one of the teams only had two weeks of prep in order to compete. Blame on that was supposed to have been a delayed email.. SURE..let’s check out the semi’s and finals in the end. Looks like it will be again for wake county school systems. notice even the judges are wake county school teachers..


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