Hockey team petitions for club status


The Leesville Road High School Hockey team is currently petitioning for club status.

Andrew Wolfe, senior, believes that club status would bring the team more appreciation.  “It’s kind of like taking it more serious.  Hockey, you know, it’s not as popular anymore.  Club status would give us more recognition by the school.”

The team has been attempting to obtain club status for several years now. “We asked Gainey, but I think he said no,” said Andrew Corrigan, senior.  “We should ask Lyons; I think he’s for it.  We also have one teacher who’s for it, Mr. McLeod.”

The team started a new process of petitioning since October 2009.  Players and supporters signed their names requesting recognition by the school.

The team’s past attempts at achieving club status have not turned out as planned.  The players believe that becoming a club will help them with organization as well as play on the tarmac.  “We’re under a certain foundation, but we think we deserve some credit for playing Leesville hockey,” said Corrigan.  “It would benefit us when we’re playing because it gives us competition.”

Despite some disappointments in past attempts, Corrigan still holds high hopes for the team reaching club status.  “I think we might.  I think we could get this, keep pushing for it.”

Leesville hockey currently plays Division I under the Carolina Scholastic Hockey League.  The team has played one game this season, defeating Green Hope High School 7-6 on November 16.  Their next game is against Cardinal Gibbons High School on December 3 at the Dream Sports Center in Apex, NC.


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