2010 leesville wrestling preview


The Leesville Wrestling team will begin their 2010 season the first week of November. The team is confident in defending their CAP-7 championship from last year.

Jason Weiss, the wrestling coach, is optimistic about achieving their goal of maintaining their championship.

“We’re definitely going to be competitive this year and defend it,” he said.

Kirk Lincoln, senior, is not so sure.

“We’ve got several new kids in the lower weights. We need to see how they’ll do. But when the heavy weights come back from football, we should do better.”

Coach Weiss has been holding preseason training since Labor Day, and the workouts are “no walk in the park,” according to Carlos Alvarez, sophomore, and Bobby Griffin, junior.

“We do a lot of running and conditioning,” said Alvarez of their typical workout.

“Yeah, we basically run until Weiss says stop, and then we do body carries and stuff like that,” added Griffin.

The workouts started at once a week, then two, three, and then four and now everyday of the week as the season approaches.  

When asked about excitement for the upcoming season, James Burchette, senior, was wary.

“We’ve lost a lot of good seniors from last year. I’ll be excited about the season after I see the team,” he said.

And excited they should be. Coach Weiss’s overwhelming faith in the new team is enough to convince any non-believer that the upcoming 2010 wrestling season should be a good one.


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