New teacher takes over class


Leesville gained a new staff member this week when Ms. Rebecca Jones, a first year teacher, took over Mrs. Breeden’s Honors U.S. History and Law and Justice classes.  Mrs. Breeden went on maternity leave on Monday, October 26.

Graduate of the LHS class of 2005, Jones has spent most of her teenage and adult years at Leesville.  After attending and graduating Appalachian State University, Jones returned to her former high school and completed her student teaching with the social studies department at Leesville.

All first year teachers face challenges, but taking over another teachers’ class mid-year adds additional strain and transition difficulties.  

Jones realizes these obstacles, but gladly accepts the challenge:  According to Jones, the biggest challenge she faces is her “students’ mindset.”

“Students are in a different mindset than I am.  They’re already nine weeks into the year,” said Jones, “and it’s the beginning of my school year.  Students already have a system and routine of how they do things for the class, and, of course, teaching styles do not match exactly.”

Next semester, Ms. Jones’ teaching will include World History and U.S. History classes, on both the honors and academic levels.

Despite the difficulties added to her job by starting the year a grading period late, when asked if she liked working at Leesville so far, Jones enthusiastically said yes.  “I love it.  Leesville is like home to me.  No, it is my home.”


  1. Just wanted to say that those of us who know this is REBECCA Jones knew exactly who you were referring to but it might have been a good idea in the very first line to reference her first name too.
    Thanks for the article and helping keep those of us whose children have graduated informed as to what is going on at the alma mater!


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