Muck Wars: Good, Clean Fun


Muck Wars pictureWhen most people think about Christianity, they think about long church services, mission trips, and hymns, but a Leesville Christian Organization, YoungLife, has different ideas of Christian fun. Most recently, the organization held a huge food fight dubbed “Muck Wars.”

Hundreds of Leesville students rushed to Lake Lynn Park at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16, with bottles and bags of chocolate syrup, milk, relish, taco meat and mashed potatoes.   Sounds of war were in the air as the students hollered at their friends, prematurely firing ranch dressing and eggs at their pupils in anticipation of the war’s start.

The students were divided into four teams, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue, and the events started with “flour bombs” which means bombarding the opposing teams with paper towels full of flour.  Once the flour bomb portion of the muck war was finished, it was time for the true war to begin.

After the go-horn sounded, students ran to the provided coolers full of muck and continued to hurl handfuls of goopy, foul smelling mess at each other. The muck was made up of some unusual ingredients, such as taco meat, spaghetti, ketchup, honey, chocolate syrups and many other random condiments.

Some students chose to bring their own “ammo” from home, which usually came in the form of eggs, or bottles of condiments/ salad dressings, but, if you didn’t have your own muck to throw, the leaders provided coolers and boxes full of piles of disgusting mush.

After a good five minutes, every attendant was coated in a layer of disgusting smelling muck. “It’s the grossest I’ve ever felt in my entire life, but I loved every minute of it!” said Nicole Niedrich, a sophomore who attends YoungLife weekly.

Luckily for the club members, their YoungLife leaders had thought ahead and had hired a fire truck to come and give the students a good spray-down with a high power  water hose. Students lined up to get their turn being sprayed by the huge water hose, and much to their parent’s relief, the students left a little bit cleaner.

Students then climbed into their trash bag lined car seats and rode home to be awarded with another hose down, and eventually a long shower. “It’s the first shower I’ve ever taken where I had to use the whole bottle of shampoo,” said Yolandi Prinsloo, sophomore.

Muck wars was an exhilarating, yet somewhat sickening, way to have fun within the Christian community. Prinsloo confirms: “The best thing about things like Muck Wars, is that it really shows you that Christian organizations aren’t all about rules. Us Christians can have fun too.”



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